Ikea Hacks!

Truth: I am a cheapskate! However, I sometimes spend more on certain things because I am cheap and it doesn’t always work out how I plan. I am also impulsive, yet indecisive. Its the worst two traits to have in combination with each other. I get buyers guilt, but I like nice things.

We are moving, from Southeast Kansas to Bossier City, La. Our house is almost 3,000 sq ft. We have a 2 car garage that is bigger than a standard 2 car and we also have a little 2 car shop. All packed to the brim with junk! We have 4 kids. Gideon is almost 15, he stays at his moms most of the time so his messes are few, Zane is almost 11, he’s a hoarder, Jett is 4 and can’t ever pick up a mess himself because “its too much stuff” and Lyndon, our little princess is 3 and she makes more messes than the other 3 put together. I constantly get rid of toys and “accidentally” sweep them up. They are like glitter, they just keep showing up! Who else has a hate for mcdonalds toys, whacky pack toys and every other piece of junk toy that comes in unhealthy fat food? In order to get some order for the move I needed to come up with some attractive storage solutions. Did I mention we are moving into a house less than half the size and a 1 car detached garage? I keep telling myself it will be an adventure (or nightmare).

I turned my sights to Ikea for some cheap storage. First I will talk about the Trofast. This is $86.00. I am going to use this for lego storage ( I now think I might add the lego boards to the top and make this the new lego table also). Its pretty solid, it was easy to put together. I thought this would come as an unfinished pine, but it had a weird varnish on it. I sanded it with a palm sander, it did not want to come off and my sander would leave deep indentions, I kind of like the way it made it look beat up.


It was a little more time consuming than I originally thought it would be. I used some minx stain that I had and let it dry overnight. I used this Rust-oleum poly. In between all of this I spray painted the drawers to look like a metal gray. I used this Rust-oleum spray paint.


I used two cans and a little bit from another can. I didn’t make sure they were completely covered on the inside because no one would see it. You will notice the wheels, I also painted those. I ordered the wheels from Ikea also. They were a good deal at $9.99 for a pack of 4.


I added some label holders to each bin. I ordered them from D.Lawless Hardware  only   $ .53 a piece! I used some weld bond glue, you could use a hot glue gun, but I was too lazy to plug it in and find the glue sticks for it. Also from D.Lawless I ordered box corner protectors I thought it would give it a fancier look.

I was only able to secure the wheels on 3 sides, but it should be a problem as long as people don’t sit on it…I hope….IMG_8397IMG_8400IMG_8399IMG_8401

I think it turned out pretty good. I had $89 in the Trofast, 2 cans of spray paint at about $7 each, $9.99 in wheels, and roughly $9 or less in hardware. grand total of $122.

Next I started on the Antonius from Ikea. It is $19.99. I was surprised at how sturdy and not crappy it is. It is bigger than I thought it would be too. Again I spray painted it with the Rustoleum, the same color I used on the Trofast. It took 2 cans.

I bought a piece of wood from Lowes  for $7.95. It wasn’t wide enough so Justin had to take some of the wood that we cut off of it and glue it to make it wider. I don’t have any pictures of this, but you could get a piece that is wider or glue a bunch of 2×4 together or shiplap or anything really. I just needed something to make it have a top and $7.95 was the cheapest.

I had bought some label holder/pulls from D.Lawless Hardware. I had to use some thick Cardstock, glue it to the label holder, then glue it to the basket so It would adhere better. In this table I have $19.99, $14 in spray paint, $7.95 in wood, $.79 x4 for hardware. Total of $45. I plan to make another one for my oldest, so he can get his hoarding under control!


Nobody talks about the lasts

Maybe it was the Mumford & Son’s playing in the background or maybe today is just a day for me to feel sentimental, but nobody tells you about all the “lasts.”  As a young mother you receive so much advice to, ” cherish every moment.”  When you are a new mother, you are running on fumes and you look forward to the first time that baby sleeps through the night, the moment you can quit spending so much on diapers and formula, you forget to cherish those moments in time when you went through a million diapers.

No on reminds you that there will be a last time you make a bottle for that baby; a last time you hear that baby babble; a last time you change a diaper; a last time your child wants you to lay beside them for just a little bit; a last time they will call you mommy; a last time you carry them; a last time they will sit in the grocery cart; a last time they run to you with arms open waiting for the tightest embrace; the last time they want to watch cartoons; the last time they will need you to drive them; the last time they live in your house. There are too many lasts, and it happens faster than I ever imagined they would. Zane turns 11 years old in April and I only have 7 years left of him, being mine, in my home. Justin and I only have 7 years left to teach him how to navigate this world. Only 7 years left to steer him in the direction that seems to be the opposite direction of the way this world think. 7 years to teach him to stand firm in his faith, stand firm for those that don’t have a voice. 7 short years to enjoy the rest of his first and recognize his lasts. I do have some advice, whether you want it or not. Don’t be like me and wait until you only have 7 years left with your oldest to maybe quit that job that keeps you from seeing all the firsts and recognizing the lasts. Whether you are prepared or not, your oldest will grow up faster than you believed they would, and there will be a night that is the last night they live in your home. We only have a few years to make an impact on our kids, don’t let other people be the impact. God is faithful and he knows your heart. I’ve seen to many lasts happen, so cherish everyday until the last day.